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4 April

Smeared stemware and soiled plates and cutlery are unacceptable in any foodservice establishment, so the cleaning of dishes, glasses, pots, pans and utensils is a priority.

What technologies have been developed to optimise wash performance on modern warewashing equipment and how far has the washing process been automated to give high performance and consistency regardless of operator ability or judgement?

Contact: diane@scribecom.co.uk
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 28 February 2014

25 April

What type of refrigeration best suits your operation-type and delivery of your menu.  We take a look at how to match refrigeration equipment to your needs?

Contact: diane@scribecom.co.uk
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 14 March 2014

2 May
Hot Beverages

Beverage sizes
The matter of serving sizes for hot beverages is far more complex than it appears – and brings with it problems of practicality, of drink quality, and of customer perception.

The ideal size for a latte or cappuccino is between 5.6oz and 7oz, and in hotel or restaurant setting, this is a convenient ceramic cup size.  However, the takeaway coffee sector, now regularly serves cappuccino and latte at 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz sizes. Do consumers now expect all coffee to be ‘big’ and what are the brewing and grammage challenges?

The implications for both drink quality and catering economics are immense… and yet this is a subject which has rarely, perhaps never, been discussed for the hospitality sector.

Contact:  ianb@coffee-house.org.uk
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  21 March 2014

2 May
Caffè Culture

The Caffè Culture show at Olympia in May remains the one which is designed to provide the hospitality trade with an opportunity to discuss business in a calm and helpful atmosphere.  The show succeeds in creating a balance between practicality and the hip and cool aspects of the modern coffee trade – the cool coffee sector is the one making all the new advances, but the everyday sector is where the overwhelming amount of coffee is served, and the modern hospitality manager needs to be able to balance an understanding of both.  We will provide the most useful show preview.
Contact:  ianb@coffee-house.org.uk
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  21 March 2014

9 May
World Cuisine and Flavours

What styles of food, flavours, flavour combinations and products are emerging in world cuisine?  What challenges does this present for chefs?  Who and what are shaping the future of modern dishes and their presentation?  And should we be seduced by the hype?

Contact: Richard McComb at Richard@richardmccomb.com
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 28 March 2014

16 May
Meat and Poultry

Along with a review of some of the new meat, poultry, flavouring and seasoning products from Hotelympia, we will also be looking at what fashionable meat and poultry dishes are adding allure to menus  and what serving suggestions can add spice to the summer BBQ season. How do you dress up a plain chicken dish - and what bird meat alternatives to chicken and duck are gaining ground?

Contact: Angela Frewin on angela@acfrewin.demon.co.uk
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  4 April 2014

6 June
Sustainable Disposables

From breakfast trade to late night takeaways, food eaten on-the-go is a growth area for many operators. This brings with it an increasing expectation, from both customers and legislators at national and local level, that businesses will use sustainable disposable products. This feature looks at:
• Calculating the environmental benefits vs cost of using sustainable disposables
• The waste management expectations and options for hospitality business 
• Where to go for advice and support on using sustainable disposables
• The latest products and trends, including biodegradable products and takeaway ideas 
• The role of sustainable disposables in wider CSC initiatives such as MSC accreditation for fish & chip restaurants
• Which types of business are embracing disposables and which have more to do?
• What has been the impact of the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 on hospitality businesses
• What are the prospects for similar legislation in the rest of the UK?
• Case studies and comments from operators

Contact: John Porter, johnpporter@hotmail.com, 07734 054389
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  7 May 2014


13 June 2014
Fish and Seafood

In this feature we will take a serious look at fish supplies, species, certifications and menu ideas.  How can businesses make the most from fish dishes?  Do you know your Megrim from your Witch and your Ling from your Wrasse and how can these alternative species help you achieve your margins? 

Contact: Richard McComb at Richard@richardmccomb.com
DEADLINE for copy and pictures: 2 May 2014

18 July
Hotel Amenities and Spa

Can hotels make in-room treatments work if they do not have a dedicated spa? What are the costs and organisational challenges of providing in-room sessions? What treatments and products are available and what benefits do they bring? We will be including case studies of hotels that have made spa treatments work for them.

Contact: Angela Frewin on angela@acfrewin.demon.co.uk
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  6 June 2014

8 August
Snacks and Sandwiches

What new flavours and formats are emerging to meet the on-going rise of grab-and-go snacking? How can operators define their grab-and-go offer - be it wraps, salads, sandwiches or healthy snacks - and what equipment do they need to promote this money-making sector properly. What ethnic street foods are making waves in the mainstream market?

Contact: Angela Frewin on angela@acfrewin.demon.co.uk
DEADLINE for copy and pictures:  27 June 2014





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