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What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format used to enable the simple distribution of online content. Caterer and Hotelkeeper offers its users the chance to access the very latest stories using this format in conjunction with a downloaded RSS reader, via a web based RSS program or internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.

By using an RSS reader you can access the very latest headlines from hundreds of websites across the world and now Caterer and Hotelkeeper  has a number of categories for you to access in this way.

This completely free service gives a user the chance to look over headlines and summaries of all the latest Caterer and Hotelkeeper  stories and then gives you the chance to click into the story to be taken to the full version.

Caterer and Hotelkeeper currently uses RSS version 2.0 to provide this service.

How do I use RSS?

To use a Caterer and Hotelkeeper RSS feed you simply need to download and install a RSS reader (find lists of RSS Readers at these third-party sites: Google Directory & Harvard blog ). Alternatively RSS functionality is built into the personalised areas of sites such as Google & Yahoo, or in internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox).

Once you have the capability to view RSS Feeds all you need to do is click on the feed buttons above, next to the sectors that take your interest, and follow the instructions on your RSS reader to access the headlines.

Before taking a RSS feed from Caterer and Hotelkeeper  please read the terms & conditions below.

Terms and conditions of use

Users of the Caterer and Hotelkeeper  RSS service are reminded that all stories remain the property of Caterer and Hotelkeeper c/o TWGCA LLP.

If you wish to use a single story please ensure our content is attributed to Caterer and Hotelkeeper and users are asked to display only the headline, first paragraph of the story and the relevant link back to .

Users must not use RSS to post our full-text stories on personal and commercial sites.  Users who wish to add full-text stories should email  to seek permission.

For further queries on using content from Caterer and Hotelkeeper please email or call +44 (0)20 7881 4803.


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