Taski Trolleys from JohnsonDiversey

by Angela Frewin, Thursday 25th March 2010 17:16

There are more than one million possible versions of the new Taski Trolley cleaning workstation from JohnsonDiversey. This is because its modular design allows any of the 160 available boxes, drawers, trays and components (such as colour-coded lids, mops, cloths and wipes) to be mounted in different positions on the robust chassis.

An interactive design tool website enables customers to specify their trolleys, either from scratch or by adapting the six standard models. The system supports microfibre, spray-and-wipe, wet-mop and general cleaning. Components are designed to fit together with no wasted space, so Taski trolleys provide 50% more storage capacity than their predecessor and most rivals. They can be configured for both cleaning efficiency and for operator comfort, avoiding the risk of musculo-skeletal injuries from stooping, bending or stretching.

The boxes and drawers are made from shatterproof plastics with smooth lines to prevent the formation of dirt traps

To buy it, call
0800 525525

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