Vacherin aux fraises Fontainebleau, by Pierre Koffmann

Thursday 29th July 2010 19:31









500ml low-fat yogurt
200g sugar
500ml whipping cream
3 egg whites


Mix yogurt and sugar in a big bowl. In a second bowl, whip the cream until it's very firm and mix it carefully with the yogurt. Use a third bowl to beat the egg whites firmly and mix into the yogurt-cream mass.

Take a perforated 1.5-litre dish and outlay it with a linen towel or "Nesseltuch" (cotton towels are too thick). Fill the dish with the mass and cover it. Put the perforated dish into a bigger bowl and keep it in the fridge for 24 hours. Drain the accumulating water every now and then.

For serving, carefully flip the dish on to a big plate and take off the linen towel. Serve with meringue and fresh strawberries.

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