TripAdvisor to let firms publish its consumer reviews

by Chris Druce, Friday 21st November 2008 07:00

TripAdvisor has launched a free service allowing hoteliers and restaurateurs to publish user-generated comments from the peer-to-peer review website on their own websites.

The service has become available after the travel-booking site made the review and award software code on its website available to operators to incorporate into their sites.

TripAdvisor claims unbiased user-generated reviews can help operators convert “lookers into bookers” and that the power of user-generated views can be a powerful marketing tool.

Nathan Clapton, senior director of partnerships at TripAdvisor, said: “Our goal is to support hotels, attractions and restaurants in their marketing through consumer reviews.

“All businesses now have the ability to showcase their guests’ recognition on their websites.”

TripAdvisor has become an increasingly important marketing tool for hospitality operators as consumers turn to the internet ahead of guidebooks.

In May, experts at a Hotel Marketing Association event urged hoteliers to embrace online review sites like TripAdvisor and social media to boost sales.

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By Chris Druce


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