Greener Manitowoc ice machines from Winterhalter

by Angela Frewin, Thursday 30th October 2008 17:06

US ice machine maker Manitowoc has developed a range of green machines that are energy efficient and use materials that cause the least environmental damage.

For example, it uses eco-friendly water-based foam insulation in its ice machines and storage bins that carry no safety, toxicity or flammability risks.

More than 97% of its cube ice machines, such as the S-Series, meet or exceed the stringent US Energy Star and CEE performance standards. Those with an Energy Star rating are up to 15% more energy- and water-efficient than standard models.
The Energy Star savings calculator suggests a more efficient machine will pay for itself in less than nine months. The S-1470 Series machines, for instance, which can produce up to 560.2kg of ice per day, use 4.5kWh of energy and 88.1 litres of water per 45.4kg of ice.

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