MP calls for smaller wine glasses

by Christopher Walton, Wednesday 30th January 2008 14:24

Pubs, bars and restaurants may be forced to sell wine in smaller glasses after the launch of a campaign to reinstate the classic 125ml measure.

Liberal Democrat Greg Mulholland MP for Leeds North West believes larger glasses (both 175ml and 250ml measures) make customers less aware of how much alcohol they are drinking and contribute to binge drinking.

He has proposed a bill to amend weights and measures legislation because he believes that pub and restaurant goers are unaware of how many units of alcohol they are drinking.

The Lib Dem health spokesman told the BBC: “In the last few years there has been a deliberate move by many bar and pub companies to phase out the traditional standard size 125ml glass of wine, and only sell the larger 175ml and 250ml size.

“This is a real concern at a time when the figures show that alcohol related health problems are increasing, including women who drink the majority of wine purchased in bars and pubs.”

Mullholland’s move comes as the on-trade faces increasing pressures from temperance group over the role they play in the levels of alcohol abuse in the UK.

Alcohol Health Alliance, a collection of health and temperance groups, has called for a 10% rise in alcohol tax and greater regulation of the drinks industry in a bid to curb binge-drinking and health problems.

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By Christopher Walton

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