Jamie Oliver tops online chef profile list

Tuesday 29th January 2008 14:35

School dinner campaigner Jamie Oliver has a higher online profile than Big Food Fight co-star Gordon Ramsay, according to new research.

Online identity company Garlik rated a host of celebrity chefs by looking at their popularity, impact, activity and individuality on the web using a piece of software called QDOS.

QDOS creates an online score for candidates by analysing 25 different types of website ranging from social networking sites such as Facebook and Linkedin, to blogs, news sites and home pages against the above criteria.

Jamie Oliver’s QDOS score of 6142 was inflated by his impact score, which means his name is widely referenced and his actions online are observed by a large group of people.

Second in the list was Gordon Ramsay (5346) with TV chef Nigella Lawson third (5214). However, Michelin winner Gary Rhodes did not feature in the top 20.

Tom Ilube, Garlik’s chief executive, said: “In the world of celebrity, where some people will do anything to stay in the limelight, the online world is becoming the new place to be seen. Those who do not embrace the internet risk being left behind while digitally savvy celebs use the internet to promote themselves to best effect.”

Top five profiled chefs online

1. Jamie Oliver

2. Gordon Ramsay

3. Nigella Lawson

4. Rachael Ray

5. Dom DeLuise

To find your own QDOS score got to http://qdos.com/

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By Jo Chapman


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