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UK tourism gets a £1.8b boost from film industry

by Daniel Thomas, Friday 27th July 2007 07:00

The UK film industry contributed £1.8b to UK tourism last year as holidaymakers flocked to destinations featured on the big screen, according to research.

The Oxford Economics study suggested that one in 10 of all visitors to the UK was attracted by films depicting the country, such as Casino Royale and The Da Vinci Code.

The release of the latter sent visitors to Rosslyn Chapel up 33% during 2006, while Lincoln Cathedral, which was used as a substitute for Westminster Abbey, saw a 20% jump in tourists year-on-year.

Alnwick Castle in Northumberland more than doubled its visitor numbers after scenes from the Harry Potter films were shot there. 

Burleigh House in Lincolnshire, a location for the film Pride and Prejudice, saw a 20% rise in visitors. 

Overall, the industry contributing £4.3b to the country's economy — a 39% increase on 2004, the report said.

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By Daniel Thomas

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