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Monday 29th November 2004 18:57
Should Scotland have different rules on smoking in public places to England and Wales?

I can't see that it would create any enormous problems. My personal view is that we need a bit more flexibility on this issue. Local feedback suggests people are in favour of tighter controls on smoking, not a total ban.
Councillor Don Turner, chairman of the licensing committee at Brighton and Hove City Council.

Consistency across the entire nation is preferable, in particular for overseas visitors who will end up being thoroughly confused as to what they can do and where.
Mark Hastings, British Beer & Pub Association

Absolutely not. The health risk is the same if you're in Scotland, England or Wales. The T&G's view is that smoking should be banned in bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants.
Dave Turnbull,Regional industrial organiser, T&G Union

I'd say no. At the end of the day it's all part of the UK and if you're going to have a country-wide ban it should be everywhere. It would be particularly confusing for tourists.
Justin Huber, General manager, hotels division, Fuller Smith and Turner

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