Bring on the swirls

by Bob Gledhill , Wednesday 27th February 2002 18:23
Cherry and Almond Croquante
Supplier of frozen Continental bake-off goods Bakehouse has added three products to its range.

Cherry and Almond Croquante is a ready-glazed croissant-style pastry with a cherry and almond filling and a crunchy sugar-coated almond topping. Sticky Nut Swirl is a Danish pastry rolled in pecan nuts and cinnamon with a toffee topping, designed for the café-bar market. The third product is a savoury Cheese and Bacon Swirl, a croissant-style dough with a filling of three cheeses, Gouda, Mimolette and Maasdammer, and rolled in bacon pieces.

All three products come pre-proved and will bake off from frozen in about 18 minutes. Case sizes vary between 36 and 48.

Prices: 55p to 59p

Available from: Bakehouse

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