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Thursday 3rd May 2001 00:00

Room for services

Compass, Welcome Break and RoadChef are in talks with the Government about relaxing restrictions on motorway service operators allowing them just 5,000sq ft of retail space. They say this helps bump up food prices.

Bistro in the sky

Independent regional airline British European has improved the menu for its business class passengers to offer more bistro-style and international dishes such as curries and Mexican food.

three-course option

Safeway has launched a new restaurant at its High Wycombe superstore. The Mediterranean-style Café Fresco offers customers the chance to enjoy a three-course meal both during shop hours and in the evening when the supermarket is shut.

Greenhouse revamp

The Capital Group, whose London Knightsbridge hotel restaurant at the Capital won a second Michelin star this year, is to revamp the menus and decor at its Mayfair restaurant The Greenhouse, which will close on 1 August for 10 weeks.

Unfit meat talks

The Food Standards Agency has started consultations on tightening the law to prevent unfit meat entering the food chain. One proposal would involve staining all unfit meat with indelible dyes, already used with high-risk red meats.

One-day opening

Burger King's newest drive-through restaurant, in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, was built and serving meals in only 24 hours. More than 100 senior managers from Burger King toiled helped to build the branch.

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