Culinary quiz

by * , Thursday 28th July 1994 00:00

1 What is the main use of breadfruit and from where does it originate?

2 How many calories are there in a whole lemon?

3 Mrs Beeton was a famous British cookery writer, but did her books also include foreign recipes?

4 On which date each year does the shooting season for grouse start?

5 There are two main reasons puff pastry can turn out soggy. What are they?

6 At a formal banquet the first course is likely to cause you an allergic reaction. What should you do: a) refuse it; b) eat it and hope for the best; (c) ask for an alternative; (d) accept, but leave it.

7 Name the traditional Irish spirit normally distilled without a licence?

8 What does it mean to "bake blind"?

9 What is a budget?

10 The internationally famous Raffles Hotel is located in which country?

11 What is offal?

12 What is generally understood to be the difference between "English" wine and "British" wine?

13 On which day of the week does pancake day always fall?

14 Name the famous produce market on the outskirts of Paris.

15 Which vegetable is the emblem of Wales?

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