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1 Breadfruit is very starchy and is usually used as a substitute for potatoes and rice. It is popular in the West Indies but originated in the Pacific islands.

2 An average sized lemon contains about 19 calories.

3 Yes. Mrs Beeton's books contained sections on Indian, European, South African and American dishes.

4 The grouse shooting season is known as the "Glorious Twelfth". The season starts on 12 August and ends on 10 December each year.

5 Generally, over-baking or too hot an oven will cause soggy puff pastry.

6 Etiquette suggests (d). Accept, shuffle it around a little on the plate, and leave it.

7 Potheen, a spirit made by "bootleggers".

8 Baking blind is cooking pastry without a filling. Dried beans are normally used to prevent the pastry rising.

9 A financial plan that a business (or person) will aim to achieve.

10 Raffles Hotel is in Singapore and was named after Sir Thomas Raffles.

11 The organs, entrails & off-cuts butchered from any carcass.

12 English wine is made from grapes grown in England while British wine is made in Britain from imported grape juice concentrate.

13 Tuesday. Also known as Shrove Tuesday.

14 Rungis.

15 The leek, introduced into the UK by the Romans from the Eastern Mediterranean.

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