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Human resources head list of problems facing hotels in coming year

Wednesday 10th November 2004 17:21
Human resource problems are set to be the number-one issue facing hoteliers in 2005, according to the International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) at the conference in Monte Carlo.

HR replaces terrorism as the "number-one pain point" in the ISHC's latest annual list of the top 10 issues for hoteliers, drafted following its recent conference.

"It's not a new issue, but it has become more complex," said IHSC representative Christophe de Brujn.

A key problem, said de Brujn, is that training budgets are often the first thing to be cut, resulting in unqualified people being promoted too quickly.

"And in general terms, the owner doesn't give a damn [about HR]", he added. "All these components are red lights, and they are combining together to become unsustainable."

He said companies that invest in integrated HR management, including recruitment, training and better salaries, will be best placed to face the future. The problem is that "only a few operators believe in that".

Meanwhile, last year's key issue, terrorism and security, slipped to number nine in the new list of priorities for hoteliers.

Top 10 issues facing the hotel industry in 2005
1 Human resources
2 Global uncertainly
3 Financial viability
4 Branding
5 Technology
6 Supply issues
7 Rising operating costs
8 Customer issues
9 Security and safety
10 Rising oil costs

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