In-vessel wiggly composter from Ridan

by Angela Frewin, Wednesday 6th January 2010 11:55

The Ridan in-vessel wiggly composter offers restaurants, cafés, commercial caterers and schools a cheap way of recycling their food waste on site, costing just £2,250 compared with the £10,000-plus charged for similar-sized, commercial models.

The system can process 150 litres of food a week - or 600 litres with the aid of a macerator and de-waterer - and turn it into carbon-rich compost in just 14 days. Described as a hot, aerobic constant-throughput composter, the Ridan can handle all kinds of cooked or raw foods, including meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

It measures 2.4m long, 1.4m wide and 1.6m high and is simple to use - operators simply remove the lid, tip the food in, add the same volume of woodchip and turn the handle. The system can also be leased or bought from £120 per month over two years.

To buy it, call
Ridan Composters
01598 750109

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